How in Flow Are You?

Creative DRIVE Journey - 33 Day Challenge!

Unleash your Creative Power: Bring your life and your projects to the next level through the power of your EMBODIED CREATIVITY!








NOW MORE THAN EVER we are seeking ways to dive deep into what we are desiring - how we wish to live, thrive, connect, share, engage, activate and change. 


Creative D.R.I.V.E. Flow System was designed to teach you how to unlock your motivation, harness your energy,  gain the focus and the determination you have been missing - to finally achieve the success you know you are capable of!





Tune into your body and flip the switch of your FLOW!

Thanks to important advances in cognitive-science and neurobiology  an empowering truth is now clear: No matter where you come from, what you were taught or who you are, we are each born with the same potential to achieve the high-performance flow states that drives the most successful artists, entrepreneurs, healers and visionaries.


And so the only reason you may still struggle with self-doubt, procrastination,  limiting beliefs and unrealized success is because you simply haven’t been shown how to tune into your body and flip the switch of your flow: A state of natural creativity and high focus in which you perform in smooth state of effortlessness, selflessness, and abundance. 


The Creative D.R.I.V.E. Online Journey with Embodiment-Expert and Entrepreneur

Barbara Droubay guides you through the 5 essential body-mind shifts you need to awaken the Conscious Creator in you. Learn to harness and amplify your physical  energy to gain the clarity of your unique purpose. 


When you are clear on your purpose, you can use this energy towards the daily actions to communicate and express your vision -  turning purpose into passion.


NOW IS THE TIME to TAKE ACTION for the LIFE you desire. Instead of waiting for it to happen or feeling powerless to change it - gain the energy to tap into your purpose and take action on it today. 



CREATIVE DRIVE is a  four week - daily deep dive into your body and mind 

and the things stopping you from fulfilling your potential.

We are  at a pivotal point in our 


We cannot wait for others to do this for us - if we want to live in a life that is meaningful -



  • We take a good look at why it is such a struggle to take action on your dreams? We investigate your beliefs about reality - which determine the physical patterns that shape the way you live your life, create your projects, embody your focus and have the energy to accomplish your goals.

  • Each of these key learning units ignites in you an upgrade on qualities like your confidence, self-esteem, daily performance, ability to focus, purpose and passion, work ethic and values, and so much more: all important tools towards expressing your vision.

  • Each week, you’ll have daily access to the lessons videos that empower you through tutorials, embodiment exercises, writing exercises, and live Q&A sessions - designed to unlock your fullest potential as a Conscious Creator.

  • In this transformative experience you will spend around 30 minutes each day commited to you and your potential. And perhaps for the first time ever - this embodied approach to manifest your desires into success - will open your eyes and guide you towards what you’re really capable of.




So let's dive in to what you get in this incredible course!


  • Dare to Dream (Week 1):

    The first week will be focused on our capacity to get very specific and detailed about what we are trying to achieve. Daring to dream is about discovering the power of ideas and imagination to motivate us and keep a strong desire for what we are looking to manifest. At the same time, we will address common pitfalls when it comes to dreaming and desiring, rewriting old, ill-serving paradigms on these topics with much more empowering structures that align with our true goals. 

  • Realize / Respond (Week 2):

    Discover how to use your body to raise awareness about the connection between your desires and beliefs, your daily experience - how each REALIZES itself in the immediacy of your body and perception - and fundamentally YOUR ACTIONS.  Learn valuable tools to transform your self-image and old self-esteem from which you use to navigate reality with and realign them to your new journey and confidence. By the end of this week, you’ll have an unshakable attitude that helps you cut through unwanted distractions and focus on your priorities.

  • Implementing (Week 3):

    So far, the journey has been about turning your engine on and then learning to get your foot off the break. This week we are diving into actions and energy management  and what you will learn now - will allow you to experience that implementing your vision has now become as easy as tying your shoe-laces. In this part we will focus on hacking through the body those behaviors that make us retreat when it comes to taking action, so that smooth implementation and inspiring flow states become your default mode and sweet spot when it comes to moving consistently towards your goals..

  • Vision (Week 4):

    This week will provide you the fundamentals to map out your vision as a process of connection and communication with others. You will understand how to validate your ideas using the collective power of the group, verify your project in a supportive environment and build a network to support your vision. We dive into communication, fear and longing for connection, and tackle our blocks when it comes to our willingness to connect with others.

  • Evaluate & Evolve (Week 5):

    The final week of this course s all about cultivating the flow practice of enjoying the process - which by now has started to become your experience. We learn further powerful tools to help you gain perspective on what is working in your creative process and what can be changed. This week is about evaluating the steps taken and lessons learnt so far to re-adjust your path if needed and keep moving forward. We dive into the earth of you and drive sustainability, strength of character and will. And mostly, it is about honoring the self -trust that is steadily growing in you -  valuing yourself and your experience, whatever it is.




    • Day 1: Daring to Dream - The power of your mind to form reality.

    • Day 2: Description - The superpower of motivation.

    • Day 3: Desire - Harness this to become unstoppable.

    • Day 4: Doubts, Denial, Gratitude - You were taught to doubt and deny possibilities and how to recover.

    • Day 5: What About Distraction? - The power of biochemical focus.

    • Day 6: The Art of Doing Not Doing - The secret spice of productivity -essential to the longevity of your life and projects.

    • Day 7: 2 hour LIVE COACHING & Group Q/A with Barbara Droubay - Get personal about your struggles and questions.


        • Day 8: It's time to get real. Realizing your goals through the embodied now.

        • Day 9: Energy, energy, energy - Redefine your creative pitfalls by understanding this essential of creative success.

        • Day 10: Self - Image - Your greatest creation to date and how to make a much needed update.

        • Day 11: Reaction vs Response - ability - How to show up NOW for your life and projects.

        • Day 12: Creativity and Survival - How to tap into energy resources primed to keep you (and your project) alive.

        • Day 13: Doing NOT Doing Dates: Play, rest, boredom - why without them you will procrastinate.

        • Day 14: 2 Hour Live Q/A and physical training on FRAMES states - Prime energy states for creative cohesion.


        • Day 15: It's time to take action! & how to massively increase the likelyhood of that happening!

        • Day 16: Imploding: The retreat into yourself - how to stop the downward spiral to hell and get back into life.

        • Day 17: Involvement - Accesing the superpower of the collective.

        • Day 18: Initiate - Putting one foot in front of the other - the myth of arriving.

        • Day 19: Investment - Knowing where and to what you are investing - and are they making you wealthy?

        • Day 20: Doing NOT Doing: Managing and Increasing your most precious resource - energy.

        • Day 21: 2 hour LIVE Q/A - group call and physical training. Involving and Investing in each each other. 


        • Day 22: Collective Vision: Collaboration and Co-creation - the power of exponential growth.

        • Day 23: Avoidance - The real reason why you are procrastinating - and it is not your lack of focus!

        • Day 24: Validation - Why we need it - the power of "tribe" to amplify your results.

        • Day 25: Verify - Boundaries, demands, and who's got your back - nervous system cohesion and relaxed productivity.

        • Day 26: Values - Knowing the "why" of what you do - the solid foundation beneathe all your actions.

        • Day 27: DNDD - The art of NOT Doing: Unashamed time for your "other" lovers.

        • Day 28: 2 Hour LIVE Q/A, Embodiment Training and expanded group share.


        • Day 29: How you create your Experience through your physical expression. Training in Shape - Shifting.

        • Day 30: Enjoyment - Activating and expanding your pleasure principle - 'cause it feels good.

        • Day 31: Evaluate to Evolve - falling in love with learning instead of obsessing about mistakes.

        • Day 32: Eliminating Waste for Energy Efficiency - nourishing yourself with the best. 

        • Day 33: Expansion Into New Experiences and Expressions. Possibilities unlimited:


        • 33 daily video lessons.

        • Access to an exclusive facebook community support group, where you can network, connect and help each other.

        • A 150 page DRIVE Workbook with exercises to support your learning process. 

        • Online Q & A sessions with Barbara Droubay. 

        • Exclusive bonus materials for course participants.

        • Discounts for other Life Artists workshops.

      • COLLECTIVE TRIBE SUPPORT: Breaking the shame game.

        The isolation of our creative and collective "angst" opened up, shared, exposed and talked about daily. One of the most empowering and healing aspect of this Journey. Health for your energy system means your ability to get stuff out of your mind and into the real world. TO STOP THE HIDING AND PRETENDING. We pretend we are all great, social media wonderful, and that we got this - while suffering isolating fears and pains in silence. Gain a powerfully supportive tribe - all reved up day to day - as we support each other to meet our desires and goals to finally succeed!


        • Access the course content anytime & anywhere to make your life easier. Enjoy high-quality video content, downloadable worksheets & tools, audio, and bonus trainings to maximize your results.


        • STEP-BY-STEP: Already doubting your ability to commit to every day? Don't worry - this is your drive - and your timing - you find the time that fits you best for the 30 min. of easy to digest & apply content.


        • BUSY PROOF: You are guided each day with short, insightful & practical content - so you can immediately apply the strategies the same day. Making it easy for even the busiest person. 


        • COMPREHENSIVE LESSONS: Each comprehensive lesson & module builds upon the next, which means you won't get overwhelmed trying to learn everything at once.


        • YOUR LEARNING STYLE: We make developing your creative flow even easier to achieve - by giving you the style of learning that best suits you - all lessons are in audio, video, or in writing.


      From creators, entreprenuers, artists and healers just like you.

      Freelance Visual Artist & Graphic Designer

      Jessie Sanbrook Design

      Stuck? Unmotivated? Wondering how to actually get what you desire in your life? The fact is, we have the power to take control over these things, and Creative DRIVE helps you set yourself free. With actionable steps, small takeaways for everyday of the month, and motivating embodiment exercises, DRIVE begins to break down the barriers and self limitations we impose on ourselves.


      Be guided, be a part of a tribe, be part of a movement, be a part of YOUR movement into following your dreams.


      I’ve been to many workshops and courses before, but Barbara’s work outshines all the others. She gets to the core of creativity, sheds light on a plethora of different ways to engage yourself and break through those creative blocks. Her work has altered my life and trajectory forever, and I can’t look back!

      IT Developer

      Lutz Rohloff

      Creative Drive is a playful dance and a vividly sung love song. A spiritual poem on the power of now -  that you can experience when you truly connect to your body as a means to keep you in the present moment.  When I do not have to invest my Energy in fight, flight, or freeze -  I can use it for my creativity but not before. If you want to find out what your body and your energy level can do for your creativity - just follow the path being supported by Barbara and a Group of highly motivated people sharing that path with you.


      Thanks Barbara for your guidance and your gentle mirror and your powerful example which is so easy to follow.





      Content Creator / alexhallfilm

      Alex Cory Hall

      After DRIVE my energy was on fire! It was like I was unstoppable! I was really in tune with myself and I feel like once you're in tune with yourself and your own energy and your own body - you're unstoppable. I raised my rates - I started reaching out to my dream clients. I got a bunch of no's but I also got a bunch of yes's.


      This workshop is best for people who want a drastic change in their life - if they see other people living their best lives and they're getting jeolous and they feel like something is stopping them - this course would be incredible for them! 


      And yeah, Barb is amazing so if you have the chance to  do her course - 

      I would deffinitely recommend it!

      Life Coach

      Rachel Van Heel

      Barbara has completely given my life a 180 flip. I have always been so passionate about setting goals and dreaming big, but I never took the actual steps necessary to accomplish those dreams. Working with Barbara, I was able to find so many personal blocks I had that were keeping me from having success and moving forward.


      I honestly was just hoping to get more ideas and feel more motivated, but Barbara got me actually taking the steps into my goals and dreams. She helped me let go of things that I never could before, and helped me train my body to act. The tools I learned months ago are still in strong effect in my life.


      I was able to start my dream business, and had the ability to continue with it even when all the obstacles came. I've been able to actually stick to my morning routine (thought I wasn't capable before), consistently for months now. I have so much more self-worth and confidence, which has helped me stay present and loving where I would've abandoned myself in the past. I am so grateful for Barbara and her passion for her clients' growth and success. She is a truly caring and loving soul. Thanks times a million!!




      Be clear that what you practice you become - what you put your attention to consistently is what grows - and where your passion lies is the focus you most exercise:





      297 € / One-Time Payment      

      - or - 

       79  €  x 4 Monthly Payments


      I look so very forward to meeting you! Barbara Droubay

      100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!




      Learning to intuitively tap into your body and your desires will release a ton of focused-energy and motivation to naturally guide you towards your goals. Top performers know how to cultivate purpose as an essential part of their creative process. 



      Bringing your life and projects to the next level requires an upgrade of your inner belief systems. You will learn to let go of outdated patterns and to design the inner-game that will move you towards your desired success.



      When you learn to match your body experience with your thoughts and actions, the people, resources, connections and opportunities you need to accomplish your goals will quickly fall into place.



      Leaving your old self-image behind will transform what looked like frightening challenges, big objections, and enormous problems into exciting opportunities and thrilling chances along the road to your vision. 



      Intuition is the result of strong purpose + being present + reaching out of the comfort zone. This new gained trust will become your new compass-by-default instead of the old limiting inner voices. 



      The embodiment exercises will smoothly bring you to where you are most powerful, IN THE PRESENT. Your strengthened vision will keep you on track while reframing past beliefs - freeing you from old behavior patterns.



      Isn't that why you are here reading this? Take action now - and give yourself the gift of learning the missing key to your confidence, follow through, focus, and drive - your embodied energy and how to tap into it, use it, and amplify it!



      If you want to take action like the peak artists, creators, innovators and change-makers of our time - then gain the ability to consciously choose your physical and emotional states -

      to increase your energy, decrease stress, & boost your confidence.  


      In this 33 Creative Drive Journey:


      You'll learn how to reduce effort, alleviate stress, and use fear as your ally to reach your goals faster than ever before - by applying neuroscience, embodiment training, psychology & biohacking. 


      Plus you'll discover your:


        What's holding you back from taking action on your dreams - and finally learn that it’s not your lack of focus, determination, talent or luck - but the health of your Biochemical system of physical energy.

      • PURPOSE

        Gain consistent access to what it feels like to be clear on your purpose - to  feel proud of yourself - happy and excited to wake up each day! And be able to use this powerful embodied anchor to keep going in times of struggle.

      • FOCUS

        The REAL reason why you procrastinate and science backed tools to not only get you focused and excited to take action - but to help you stay on track despite distractions.


        Proven embodiment and mindfullness techniques for re-framing your mental and emotional states: achieving powerful focus, deep relaxation, directed attention, agile movement, - regaining  massive energy to repurpose for your life and dreams.

      • HEALTH

        Secrets of success - little-known embodiment & biohacking techniques to get you sleeping, alleviating your fears, increase your mental clarity and focus, decrease depression & increase your intrinsic motivation and energy.

      • POWER

        How to obliterate self-doubt from your life & get more done in the next 30 days than in the past 6 months. The ability to trust that you will do it - and take action on your goals no matter what - is the power that the best at their game have mastered. Now it's your turn. 

      I had a lack of trust towards my capacity to build an intimate relationship with a man. Believe it or not, 6 weeks later I'm in that relationship with a beautiful man. I also quit smoking after 20 years, started a 1,5 year training in bodywork and I'm consistently building up my career as an actress!


      Barbara gave me the tools to feel my body, the doer of all things, to feel the power of my desire, which helped me let go of patterns that don't serve me anymore. And this is how I'm gaining the energy and focus to do it all, step by step!


      I'm deeply grateful for the knowledge Barbara is willing to share and the community she builds through it. Creative Drive gives you a set of tools to reconnect you to your purpose - your heart. It teaches you how to do what serves you and your projects - instead of serving others. Through the daily videos this transformation becomes part of your day to day life.


      Get in touch with your body and you know what your next step is, how you can do it and why it's essential to you. Creative Drive is for everyone who is sick and tired of having to be one dimensional but instead wants to unfold his/her 3D-potential!

      Sarah Hostettler


      I started Creative Drive in a phase with a big workload in my life, in which I had a wish for some daily motivation, clarification and some supportive kicks in the ass. At this time, there were so many different tasks to do at once - to which I would usually respond to with feeling massively overloaded. For me to know that I have this daily support, this daily new insight into myself, this daily working on my tasks, made it very easy to not freak out and stay within my power.


      Barbara's clear and straightforward - yet understanding and very kind manner - was a huge support on all levels of the physical and mental challenges of that phase. I love the way she speaks directly from the heart, very easy to understand, to feel and to implement. Also the work with the fb-group, their support, all this feeling of not being alone, was a great experience.

      I definitely would recommend and do this course again!


      Nadine Neuner 


      Be ready for a fun flight, Barbara is a drunk-on-full-life-no-bullshit-pilot, waking you up to your own creation desires to take off and soar through the skies of your world! Artists or any other freelancers - as well as employed folks with a job and the vague desire to change something, are perfect here! Whoever wants to find inspiration and a work routine for manifesting their dreams into this reality: check this out, you will move into some serious fulfillment here: Abundance here we come!

      Anir Leben


      This course is for everybody who wants to experience "more". More creativity, more joy, more success, more connection... whatever you crave, Barbara will give you the tools to GET GOING and (seriously!) live the life you desire. Her training is practical, down to earth, eye-opening and mind blowing. Gain positive control over your moods and energy levels. Free your capacity to dream about what you want in your life. Learn the tools to take consistent action. Become part of a supportive tribe. Get inspired by Barbara, she's an honest, kind and hilarious POWERHOUSE, so motivating, caring and clear!


      Katharina Alf


      Frequently asked question

      Here are a few answers to our most common questions

      I’m not strictly an artist. Is this course still for me?

      I’ve heard there is physical exercise involved, how fit should I be to take part in the  challenge?

      I’m clear about my goals and things seem to be going okay but I would like to expand. How can the course help me? 

      I would love to do this - but I barely have time to manage my daily life and the stuff I need to do?

      What is embodiment and why is it good for creatives?

      I don’t know what my current goals or dreams are right now - is this course still for me?

      How much do I need to participate in the online community?

      How long is the challenge content available for?

      I still have some individual questions I would like to  clear up. How can I contact you?

      I have never done an online course before. What do I need to be aware of?

      Lianne Platt Roth

      This has been THE most transformative course I have taken so far. When I began, I had trouble taking my dreams seriously, internally putting them down as "unrealistic", "undoable", "silly". I did not trust my ideas and dreams, was overthinking most of the time, and was quick to dismiss any new idea for fear of rejection and criticism. My creative process was completely stuck!


      In Creative Drive, Barbara demonstrated powerfully that in fact, my dreams are the first and essential step in the creative process of any project, be it professional or private. Through the shifting of energy levels with attention to embodiment - what was stuck had a chance to loosen up and get into flow. In other words, I learned many effective tools to overcome my creative shutdown. I experienced beautiful states of mind that enabled me to believe in my dreams, my creativity, and myself again. Thank you, dear Barbara, great soul! 

      Maike Becker

      I am always looking for ways to stay focused on my dreams professionally and emotionally. Creative Drive supported me in staying connected to my aims - while pursuing them with joy and ease. I learned to cultivate kindness for myself which helped me be focused, take new steps and set boundaries for the “clutter” that life brings sometimes. When self care and focus come together life just feels so much better. I started to look forward every day to the next video and writing exercise and felt curious every morning about what I would discover today. I am amazed at how much I achieved in only one month.


      I learned to reframe struggles and take action, how to acknowledge my journey and achievements, and was reminded about how it is all about enjoying the little steps right now.  I can recommend this course very much, especially if you are a freelancer and struggling to stay focused or sometimes feeling like you are trying to move a mountain all by yourself. No matter where you are in your journey “just do it”!

      Relationship and Sexual  Therapist

      Diane Boehm

      Before I started this journey I was unsure what my purpose is. I was procrastinating and the thought of discipline triggered the inner rebel in me and resulted in me not working on my own business. With the Creative Drive Online Journey - I became connected again with my curiosity. I stopped judging negatively my dreams, and became open for opportunities to advertise my services without effort.


      Knowing now what I want, what my strengths are, and what is suitable for me - helped me to find the courage to ask for more money and better working conditions. I used to be very insecure. Now I surprise myself with my own confidence. Participants of my workshops are astonished at how relaxed and competently I deal with difficult situations. Barbara lives what she is talking about. I am motivated by her natural radiance and kindness. I totally recommend the Creative Drive Online Journey to everyone who wants to become the best version of themselves!

      Founder BlissBody & BodyLoops - Embodied Movement Facilitator

      Benjamin Lee Martin

      After having years of embodied and mindfulness practices, and experienced many different transformation techniques, Barbara’s Creative DRIVE Online was a refreshing reminder of the power we all have to choose the quality of life we live everyday of our lives. Barbara has a no-bullshit, simple approach to relearning how to use our bodies as the motors to realise our biggest dreams. Using simple powerful embodiment exercises that literally take only 5 minutes, and reflections on human reality, I am so grateful to have been given a reminder of the power I have to live a beautiful creative life that I love! Who doesn’t need a bit more of this? Thank You!



      I  am serious about you regaining access to your natural creativity and energy. And some of us need security to take that step. This is your nervous system chiming in - and asking life to support you. Well, here is the support for your decision. If you need this garantee to take this life changing step - I share it with you hapilly! All I ask, is that you DO the course fully. If after you have completed the course and participated in all the exercises, research, and proven strategies for your creative empowerment and energy rebuilding - you are not flowin' and growin' - then simply write my team and I will refund your investment. 


      Please don't let your fears and doubts keep you again from taking the step to move you to a new reality where you have confidence, self security and know your purpose! Instead - feel the desire you have to do this, the security that I am offering you, and the excitement building in your body, mind, and spirit - and then GO FOR IT!


      I look very forward to seeing you on the other side! 

      Barbara Droubay

      Founder - Life Artists & Life Artists Creators Hub



      I love to give and I am not just selling you something. I mean it when I say I want your success. And I am a creator who tends to over deliver - which I personally call a value. so here is my over delivery - all so you can reach your aims and finally feel the magic and power of being in control of your actions.

      • BONUS 1:


        Life Artists 20-minute daily visualization use a proven mix of hypnosis, NLP & imaging psychology to offer your mind new possibilities - and create your new experience. Rid yourself of stress & relax your system for new options. The embodiment anchors will then make it real and tangible instead of just mind visualizations - completing the package for prime flow and easy success. 


        Plus, you’ll also get bonus worksheets and checklists that you can print out & stick on your fridge so you can stay on track to reach your goals with ease


        Get daily motivation, tips, check ins and biohacks sent directly to you messenger account or whats app!


        5 of the most sought out trainings to obliterate the problems that stop your success: Procrastination, distraction, stress and anxiety, lack of energy and motivation, low perseverance and follow through. These 20 minute trainings are worth 980€ alone. I offer them to my high level clients to anchor in powerful states of embodied FOCUS, embodied RELAXATION, embodied ATTENTION, embodied MOVEMENT; embodied ENERGY & STRENGTH - available for the first time online.


        Bonus digital copy of 150 page digital workbook.


        Our live events are where we meet embodied as tribe to seriously dive deep and radically transform and uplevel your game. Discounts to be there live is a seriously awesome bonus!

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